BSA Troop 631
St. Mark Presbyterian Church
Ballwin, MO

Scoutmaster's Information

Troop 631, Chartered to St. Mark Presbyterian works with St. Louis Food Rescue to save food that would normally be thrown away and deliver that food to the Salvation Army for distribution to families in need.

Every Wednesday evening, Whole Foods in Town and Country clears out their fresh baked goods, produce, dairy and many other items, that's where Troop 631 steps in. Our scouts show up ready to load boxes of food into several vehicles and then drive out to O'Fallon Missouri where a Salvation Army shelter awaits the delivery. Once there, the boys unload the food passing through the kitchen where some of the food will be used to provide meals for families staying at the shelter. The donations from Whole Foods have increased so much that the shelter now distributes much of the food to other shelters in St. Charles County.

Service doesn't always come easy as all of this happens on a school night. The scouts work to finish their homework early, sometimes miss a sporting event or a band practice to make this happen. The troop has seven patrols and each takes a week with leadership coming from their Patrol Leaders. This rotation has allowed our service to the community to go without interruption for nearly five years. Even this past summer when the troop traveled to Colorado for camp, the families of the troop volunteered to cover the rescue while we were away.

Many lives have been changed on both the giving and the receiving side by this ongoing service project, Troop 631 has been blessed to be part of it.


•  When Scouts arrive, proceed to the door to the left of the loading bays.
      Ring the bell ONCE at 7:00 for 1-2 seconds.
•  Different departments will bring food to the area immeadiately inside the door.
•  Place items in cardboard boxes that you find nearby or inside the troop's Black and Yellow bins.
•  Load all boxes and bins into drivers' vehicles.  Load bread on top of boxes and bins.  Bread from Great Harvest      should be added as well.