BSA Troop 631
St. Mark Presbyterian Church
Ballwin, MO


In troop 631, we like to encourage our scouts to take a proactive step in advancing their rank. We don't want to see our scouts stay at one rank for a extended period of time, we encourage them to advance and learn new skills to advance them to Eagle.

Click on the image of the rank patch to be taken to the specific site, where you can view rank requirements.

An insert for the 13th edition handbook is available that includes a list of requirements for ranks Scout through 1st Class and resources for each requirement. Click HERE for the download.

Scouting Ranks

Scout Rank Requirements

Tenderfoot Badge Tenderfoot Rank Requirements

Second Class
Second Class Badge Second Class Rank Requirements
First Class
First Class Badge First Class Rank Requirements
Star Badge Star Rank Requirements
Life Badge Life Rank Requirements
Eagle Badge Eagle Rank Requirements